The Vortex Fighter is one of the 5 flyable vehicles in Base Wars.


The Vortex Fighter, by default, comes with a 20mm Nose Gun and Heat-Seeking Missiles. Much like the other vehicles, the Vortex Fighter can have different types of weapons.


The Vortex Fighter comes with a variety of weapons to choose from.

Primary Weapons:

The primary weapon of the Vortex is the nose gun. The options are: 20mm Nose Gun, 20mm Rotary Cannon, Air Scatter Cannon, and 20mm HE Nose Gun (Tier 4).

20mm Nose Gun 20mm Chaingun 20mm Rotary Cannon Air Scatter Cannon 20mm HE Nose Gun
Direct Damage 68 (200m) / 60 (400m) 75(150m)/40(200m) 75 (150m) / 40 (200m) 160 (20m) / 128 (40m) 300(150m) / 160(200m)
Indirect Damage 0 0 0 40 (1m)/1 (2m) 167 (1m) / 1 (2.5m)
Pellets 1 1 1 8 1
Magazine Size 60 65 30 8 30
Rate of Fire 750 RPM [Spin up]168 to 1350 RPM 900 RPM 150 RPM 900 RPM
Reload Speed 2.0 seconds 4.0 seconds 1.5 seconds 3 seconds 1.75 seconds
Velocity 2400 m/s 2000m/s 2000 m/s 1800 m/s 2000m/s

Secondary Weapons:

Secondary weapons of the Vortex are the wing mounts. There are Dual Heat-Seeking Missiles, Dual Rocket Pods, MK82A bombs and Locust Cannon available.

Dual Heat-Seeking Missiles MK82A Dual Rocket Pods Locust Cannon
Direct Damage 1000 500 200 (50m) / 100 (100m)
Indirect Damage 500 (1m) / 1 (5m) 200 (1m) / 1 (5m) 100 (1m) / 1 (2.5m)
Magazine Size 2 (fire 2 shots at once) 4 14 (fire 2 shots at once) 60 (fire 2 shots at once)
Rate of Fire 7.5 RPM (reload) 150 RPM 900 RPM
Reload Speed 8.0 seconds 3.0 seconds 3.0 seconds
Velocity 100 m/s Free-Falling 400 m/s 300 m/s
Heat-Seeking nearby aircraft Yes No No No
Heat-Seeking nearby surface veichles No No No No

Pros and Cons


  • Has higher health than the Tracker Fighter
  • Fastest Vehicle in the game
  • Its small size means its harder to hit
  • As it is a hover jet, it can do advanced movements
  • Rotation is the fastest of all air vehicles


  • Weapons not as powerful as the other aircraft
  • Can be killed through the glass.
  • Hard for new users to use properly.
  • Flare decoy takes time to reload


  • Try not to use it against an armored vehicle, unless you have unlocked the Dual Rocket pods
  • Use the speed to your advantage as it moves faster when holding down Q or E when moving sideways ( Press A or D to make it turn on its axis)
  • Try to avoid direct combat with the Anti-Air, unless you can kill it from far. The Dual Rocket Pods might come useful.
  • Avoid using the locust cannon against aircraft, as it is now buffed to be a anti-vehicle weapon.
  • Never use the Air Scatter Cannon for long range as it is a "shotgun" on a jet


  • The Vortex Fighter's design has changed 2 times (three times if you count the replacement of the Jet Fighter from the Old School version).

    Old Vortex Model

  • The Vortex Fighter is the second fastest vehicle in the game, but lock-on missiles can still take it down.
  • The Vortex is generally considered the "pro" vehicle because many of the skilled and experienced players use it.
  • On March 25th, 2016, the Vortex Fighter's Tier 4 was updated, re-adding explosion effects that had been previously removed due to lag issues. However, on March 28th, 2016, the effects have been removed again.However once again on March 13th 2017 explosion effects got re-added.