There are a wide variety of vehicles in the game.


Battle Tank - A powerful vehicle designed for destroying targets quickly.

MAC Tank - A tank that sacrifices armor for speed and mobility.

Artillery - A vehicle that shoots powerful shells, used to counter tanks.

Jeep - A transport vehicle that transport people.

ATV - A fast and mobile vehicle designed for speed.

Spawn Truck - A portable spawner, however it is easily spotted.


Shadow Fighter - An aerial vehicle that shoots shadow beams.

Vortex - A fast moving air vehicle.

Attack Helicopter - A helicopter designed for attacking.

Helicopter Carrier - A helicopter designed for transporting.

Bomber - A semi-fast vehicle designed for bombing targets

Tracker - A fast moving air vehicle only spawned at Island


SpeedBoat - A fast and quick boat.

Destroyer - A heavy duty attack boat

Submarine - A stealth navy attacker


Anti-Air Turret - A turret designed to take down air targets

Anti-Vehicle Turret - A turret designed to take down ground/naval targets

Anti-Personnel Turret - A turret designed to take out infantry units.

Uber Turret - (REMOVED) A turret used for all three ground, air, and naval targets