There are 8 available types of VIP's.

Common VIP

Common VIP allows the player to choose weapons and classes for 250 less battlescore. It also raises the player's health by 5%. This effect stacks with other VIP.It is priced at 200R$

Mega VIP

Allows the player to have 10% more max health added onto any armor, which also stacks. It is priced at 200R$.

Special VIP

Allows players to get all weapons and launchers with 25% less battlescore. It is priced at 200R$.

Uber VIP

Until the release of the Epic VIP, Uber was regarded as a pay-to-win VIP. The Uber VIP endows you with all the Uber named items in the weapon catalog. It is priced at 600R$.

Uber Rocket

The Uber Rocket can lock onto vehicles. It carries 5 rockets per clip, but deals a significantly lower damage per shot than other launchers.

Uber Chaingun

The Uber Chaingun resembles a bright white set of dual chain guns. It behaves similar to the Dual Chaingun Flame but with a higher damage output rate.

Uber Armor

The Uber Armor provides a significant health boost without hindering walkspeed, similar to a bulletproof vest but on a heavier scale.

3x Ammo VIP

Gives the player 3 times more ammunition in storage. It doesn't increase clip size, just increasing the amount of clips one can carry. However, it does not affect Reward Weapons. It is useful for weapons with low ammo caches, such as rocket launchers and grenade launchers. It is priced at 20R$

Epic VIP

For 1,999 R$, the Epic VIP now has a reputation as the strongest and pay-to-win VIP. Buyers are given both the Epic Sniper-101 and the Epic Striker-01 when they spawn.

Epic Sniper-101

200 Dmg, +800 Head, 480 RPM, 24 rounds per clip.

Hip Fire: good accuracy, Scoped: Pin-point accuracy.

This weapon supports fully automatic fire for both ADS mode and hip-fire. It also doesn't drop, behaving like a Reward Weapon.

Epic Striker-01

Camera Guided Rocket Launcher, 2625 Direct Damage (AP multiplier except against aircraft), 375 Indirect Damage, 15 studs radius.

Projectile Velocity: 90 studs/sec, Max Travel Distance: 1200 studs. This weapon doesn't drop.

Note: You are immobilized while controlling the missile. The missile can be shot down by any weapon. 

Extreme VIP

This VIP allows access to 2 armors. It is priced at 1,999R$

Extreme Chaingun

50 Damage, 3600 RPM

Heavy Armor Suit

2000 Health, 6 walkspeed

Light Armor Suit

850 Health, 18 walkspeed


This VIP was created to celebrate the 7 year anniversary of the game. It is priced at 1,000 R$.


It is a plasma light machine gun and can be found in the LMG's category. It does not drop on death.


A plasma small machine gun that is found in the SMG's category. Also doesn't drop on death.