The Tracker is a reconnaissance and support aircraft in Base Wars, having some of the highest available firepower in the skies. With a wide selection of weapons (assuming one has enough Battle Score), this vehicle can pose quite a threat to players, ground targets, and aerial vehicles alike (Although the Shadow and Vortex Fighters outmaneuver them easily). The Tracker has the 4th-highest health of all aircraft in Base Wars, behind the Attack Helicopter, Bomber, and Helicopter Carrier.


Trackers are spawned at the Fortified Island facility on a ledge straight ahead and slightly to the right of the player spawn.


The Tracker is designed to mainly be a ground-attack/support aircraft, so the majority of its weapons are focused on dealing massive damage to ground & naval targets. However, with modifications and a bit of skill, it can engage air targets to a limited extent. The tracker falls behind as a dogfighter due to its low average turning speed; only helicopters turn slower than it. A protip is to be watchful for Vortex & Shadow fighters, as they can outmaneuver you easily and get into your blind spots. The Tracker's default weapons are the 45mm autocannon & the quad rocket pods. Other options include 25mm rotary cannon, quad LIRGATS, tracker SH-Obliterator, & heavy locusts. If used correctly, the right combination of these weapons makes the Tracker a versatile vehicle capable of widespread destruction to various targets.


Before the cash system was removed, trackers cost 10,000 cash to spawn.

The Tracker's 1800 health allows it to barely survive a direct hit from some low-level rocket launchers.