The Tracker is a reconnaissance and support aircraft in Base Wars, having some of the highest available firepower in the skies. With a wide selection of weapons (assuming one has enough Battle Score), this vehicle can pose quite a threat to players, ground targets, and aerial vehicles alike (Although the Shadow and Vortex Fighters outmaneuver them easily). The Tracker has the lowest health of all aircraft in Base Wars, and is honestly quite fragile as of this writing.


Trackers are spawned at the Fortified Island facility on the roof, behind the access point.


The Tracker is designed to mainly be a ground-attack/support aircraft, so the majority of its weapons are focused on dealing massive damage to ground & naval targets. However, with modifications and a bit of skill, it can engage air targets to a limited extent. The tracker falls behind as a dogfighter due to its low average turning speed; only helicopters turn slower than it. A protip is to be watchful for Vortex & Shadow fighters, as they can outmaneuver you easily and get into your blind spots. The Tracker's default weapons are the 45mm autocannon & the quad rocket pods. Other options include 25mm rotary cannon, quad LIRGATS, tracker SH-Obliterator, & heavy locusts. If used correctly, the right combination of these weapons makes the Tracker a versatile vehicle capable of widespread destruction to various targets. One tactic is to hold Q to hover while strafing forward. and it can be used to rip into any light vehicle.


Before the cash system was removed, trackers cost 10,000 cash to spawn.

The Tracker's 500 HP makes it vulnerable to very good aim with a Jeep, or massed fire with a squad of machin gunner infantry.

The Tracker appears to be based off of the A-10 Thunderbolt, a real life ground attack aircraft.