Spawncamping is a method of getting kills so popular and supported by Base Wars that it is more like a gamemode. It involves troops from one team traveling to the other team's base and killing those who spawn at the base while trying not to die and have to spawn back at their own base again.


If one wants to spawncamp, they must know where and how frequently enemies spawn at their base. Here is a list of the areas that players can spawn at their base from.

Top Floor - The open room below the AA turrets that people most frequently choose to spawn at. There is a window that players like to snipe from as well, so spawncampers may kill them from behind.

Top of Base - Players spawn on the roof more frequently after they learn that players are spawncamping the Top Floor. They may also spawn there if they know that a spawncamper is currently on the roof.

Second Floor - Second most frequent spawn. If skilled, use the Medic there to your advantage; when low health, heal, then continue shooting; or if too close, attempt to knife. (As a last resort.

Ground Floor - There is also a sniping spot on this floor, but it is rarely used. However, if players use a Spawn Truck to spawn at the enemy base, then the enemies will frequently spawn on the Ground Floor. 

Underground - In the cellar under the base, there is a passageway that leads through the Underground Tunnels to the Underground Storage and eventually to the other base. This spawn is rarely used. 

Dock - The least frequently used spawn, this dock is in the back of the base, and has Battle Boat, Speedboat, and Submarine spawns. People will only spawn here when wanting to use one of those vehicles. 

Safe Places

If the spawncampers are low on health or tired, they can find a place where pursuers won't find them.

Behind UG Staircase - Down the stairs that lead to the cellar, there is a space behind the cellar stairs that almost no one ever looks, mainly because it is little known.

Dock - Since no one spawns or goes here, one can safely hide here.

Around TF Corner - There are two right angle spaces behind the corners directly to the left and right of the sniper spot. This is a very popular safe place, and spawncampers sometimess also use remote bombs to kill people who come around the corner.

Under Dock Passage - Behind the base, under the passageway that leads from the ground floor to the dock, there is a large space that is now popular since the Spawn Truck update. Spawn Trucks are often parked here.


There are many ways to fight back against spawncamping. A popular method is to "camp the campers," involving a player surprising the campers. One hit kill guns such as the Spas-12 are useful for this.

Another method to thwart spawncampers includes using the vehicles, usually the vortex. Before the forcefield runs out, one can spawn a vortex. It can then be trivial to simply use rockets or even the mounted machine gun in order to rid the base of spawncampers, which are usually on the top floor. However, once they are killed, the campers will probably attempt to come back, probaly with vortexes of their own. Doing this could cause one to get swarmed with enemy planes very quickly.