The Shadow is the newest aircraft introduced to the game, and it stands out from others due to the fact that it fires laser & plasma rounds. It's the third fastest aircraft, after the Bomber & the Vortex. It's a bit of a niche aircraft; it can be suited for dog-fighting, ground-attack, or both. It's good for being your ground-attack aircraft if the fortified island isn't on your hands, or a support aircraft who strikes from afar. Overall, it's a great Jack-of-All-Trades vehicle which can fill any role and still have functionality in that role.


Shadow fighters spawn on the third floors of team Bases, on the Fortified Island, and on the Mountain Fortress (3-team map only)


The Shadow fighter's default weapons are the Laser Cannon as a primary (F), and Heat-Seeking Missiles as secondary (R). The Laser Cannon fires purple, oblong ovals in a straight line from where the aircraft is pointed. Heat seeking missiles will fire forwards and fall unless another vehicle is within a certain stud range (<100?), which will cause them to change direction and chase that vehicle, inevitably damaging it. Other unlockable primary weapons include Hailstorm Laser Chaingun (5000 Battle Score), Rotary Laser Blaster (5000 Battle Score), Plasma Orb (15000 Battle Score), and Volatile LC (10 Vehicles with Rank S). Other unlockable secondary weapons include Liquid Plasma Gun (5000 Battle Score), Dual Rocket Pods (5000 Battle Score), and Dual Plasma Cannon (15000 Battle Score).