The locations in Base Wars are diverse and varies to strategic areas and minor camping areas.


Major Areas Edit

Base Edit

The base is an area that is unconquerable to the enemy team. There are 6 areas where you can spawn.

  • Underground - The location is obviously, underground, however it could be used to sneak secretly into the enemies base.
  • 2nd Floor (Ground Vehicle Station) - This is the floor where you can spawn Ground Vehicles.
  • 3rd Floor (Flying Vehicle Station) - This is the floor where you can spawn Aerial Vehicles.
  • Top of Base (Anti-Aircraft Turret) - This is the floor where you can spawn the Anti-Air Turrets and Anti-Vehicle Turrets.
  • Dock (Navy Station) - This is the area where you can spawn the Destroyer, SpeedBoat, and the Submarine.
  • Side Wing(s) - An area that is on the left/right side of the base. This is where the Anti-Personnel Turret can be found.

Frontline Bunkers Edit

The bunkers are the "frontline" areas that can usually be captured by trice teams. The control point is a bunker with shooting gaps underneath the glass. 

River Pass Edit

River pass is a base that is on top of the river. This is considered the "frontline" as it is the bridge to the other team's spawn. It can be captured too.

Underground Storage Edit

Underground Storage is an area that is in the middle of the area, it usually isn't captured as it's not a major area.

Mountain Fortress Edit

The Mountain Fortress is a base on top of the mountain in the map. It has spawns to the MAC tank and multiple aerial vehicles.

Fortified Island Edit

The Fortified Island is probably the most important area for both teams to capture, as it has the powerful Tracker Spawn.

Minor Areas Edit

Buildings Edit

There are buildings located through out the entire map. These buildings can be used to for sniping or hiding positions.

Trenches Edit

There only 1 trenches on each side.

Beachside Edit

The Beachside is a dangerous place to drive or walk around, as it is rather open.

Tunnels Edit

There are a lot of tunnels, three main ones connecting each base to the Underground Storage base. The tunnels are used as a sneaky way to get inside the enemies' base.