Ground Vehicle Overview

Ground vehicles are your bread and butter; they are handy, and will be your main enemy and friend in games. There are, as of writing, six different vehicles, one of which is exclusive to a single location.

Choices of Vehicle

Battle Tank : A large, heavy machine with a big gun and a 20mm HMG. Great for ground assaults, but can only be spawned at the Bases . It is vulnerable to air assaults, and infantry attacks, as well as anti vehicle turrets. The HMG is manned by another player, but it tends to be left empty. Said seat can also be used to repair the vehicle for 1500 HP. 

MAC Tank  : Smaller, faster tank with a fast firing 90mm cannon and default top Armor . Is decently tough, but will quickly die to enemy attack, as it, even with Front Armor equipped, has only a front resistance of 75%.  This tank is meant for fast rushes and outflanks of enemy units. it is avaliable only from the Underground Storage.

Artillery : The Artillery is a much more fragile vehicle with a big cannon. There are four seats to carry others in, and it will deal double damage to Turrets , and Navy .