Deployable Rocket Launcher
Catalogs (New Interface) Rocket Launcher
Catalogs (Classic Interface) Specials
Requirement 100000 Battle Score
Damage attributes
Direct Damage 1100
Indirect Damage 150 (1m) / 1 (5m)
Other attributes
Rate of Fire (RPM) 60 RPM
Projectile Speed 80 m/s
Lock-on False
Reload Speed 6 seconds
Magazine Size 4
Total Ammo 20
The Deployable Rocket Launcher is the most Battle Score-costly Rocket Launcher in Base Wars. It has the ability to deploy, hence the name, where it gains a higher rate of fire and reload speed. The drawback is that the player cannot move in the deployed stance. A glitch has been discovered involving the DRL, boosting your speed.

In-game view of the Deployable Rocket Launcher