The Tank's primary weapon is the Main Cannon, it can be configured to fire 4 types of shells that are each for a different target.

They have secondary gunner, which is defaulted with a 20mm HMG, and can repair HP. 


Tanks spawn in the Yellow and Green Bases and cannot be spawned anywhere else. They are also free to spawn.

Primary Weapon

The Tank has three different choices of ammunition for the Main Cannon.

HEAT Rounds (High Explosive Anti Tank): The default shell, they have decent direct and splash damage. They are the ideal choice for the everyday Battle Tank, because they can destroy other tanks and infantry.

AP Rounds (Armor Piercing): Armor Piercing rounds deal the most direct damage and can instantly kill any flying vehicles except the Helicopter Carrier. They are ideal for defending the base from other ground vehicles or, if the pilot is skilled enough, for sniping helicopters/fighter jets.

HE Rounds (High Explosive): The nastiest of the three, HE rounds are almost useless against other tanks, but can eliminate a whole group of infantry in one shot. The splash damage and radius are much higher than other weapons, and so is the drop.

Dual-HEAT Rounds: Vehicle Achievement Reward, Good at against everything. 

57mm HEAT Autocannon: Rank S weapon, high fire rate, will shred most enemies. 

Direct Damage: 1750 2250 1000 1500
Indirect Damage:

375 (1m) / 1 (5m)

100 (1m) / 1 (2m) 750 (1m) / 1 (7m) 375 (1m) / 1 (5m)
Projectile Velocity: 350 m/s 400 m/s 300 m/s 350 m/s
Barrel(s): Single Single Single Double
Reload Speed: 3 seconds 3 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds

Secondary Gunner

Besides the Main Cannon, there is also a secondary turret for the gunner to control. It can use the machine gun, grenade launcher, or rocket launcher to protect the tank from attackers.

20mm Machine Gun: The default gun, they can deal good damage to everything except battle tank. 

Anti-Infantry HE Grenade: High-explosive grenade launcher, deal good splash damage against infantry without anti-explode suit. Also, it can deal considerable damage to aircraft and jeep. 

Anti-Vehicle Rocket: 85mm Armor-Piercing rocket, deal good damage against all vehicle, however, due to its low splash damage, you will need direct hit to kill infantry. 

Railgun: all purpose mostly anti tank, kills tank in 5 shots from front. 

30mm AP Chaingun: Vehicle Achievement Rewards, deal good damage against everything at close range due to its poor accuracy at long range. Is still quite powerful, and can annihilate most. 

20mm MG HE Grenade 85mm Rocket 30mm AP Chaingun
Direct Damage: 100 (100m) / 75 (150m) 500 2200 160 (100m) / 80 (150m)
Indirect Damage 0 100 (1m)/1 (4m) 75 (1m)/1 (2m) 0
Projectile Velocity: 1000 m/s 125 m/s 300 m/s 300 m/s
Magazine Size: 60 12 1 120
Fire Rate: 750 RPM 240 RPM 30 RPM (reload) 1200 RPM at max
Reload Speed: 3 seconds 2 seconds 2 seconds 2 seconds