The Basic Armor Suit, or Armor Suit, as it is listed in-game, is the cheapest and least powerful of the Armor Suits. It gives a flat increase of 1000 HP, and used to provide resistances, but those were removed after player complaints. Still, it is excellent in the hands of someone who can use it well, and provides more survivability on the field of battle, at those cost of speed. It provides good defense against small arms, and will give an edge in firefights. However, as with most suits, taking a rocket to the face is going to kill you immediately.

Armor Stats

Health Increase: Yes, 1000 HP, to a total of 1500.

Resistances: No, removed.

Walkspeed: 10


  • Keep moving! You are a big target because of the armor, and will attract a lot more fire. Don't stay in one spot!
  • Don't get cocky! If you think the 1500 HP of the suit makes you invulnerable, you will be dead wrong. That HP goes away FAST. In comparison to the basic suit, it just gives 500 more HP.
  • Take cover! A sniper will kill you in one headshot, and again, that armor is a priority target.
  • Don't let an engagement get too long. Long firefights are bad, as your slower movement means you catch more bullets.
  • Vehicles are scary! A Jeep will shred you to bits, as will any other vehicle.