The Base Wars! 6 Years Old Event is an upcoming event celebrating the 6 year anniversary of Base Wars, hence the name. Hosted by the creator, D8Dev himself, the event will consist of two parts. There will be a Clan Battle and the release of a brand new VIP with never-seen-before weapons and armor.

D8Dev made a statement on the error:

"I am getting a error called: 'GroupService:GetGroupsAsync() is not yet enabled!', which mean this function is not available for non-roblox staff yet. That's make me impossible to make an unique counter to keep tracking Clan Score. I have to disable Player Point for a month. so it will be clear and ready for the event. So I have to delay the event."

Clan Battle

The Clan Battle was originally scheduled to begin on October 1, 2015, but due to technical issues with Player Points, it has been delayed, now planned to last from November 2 to December 1, 2015. Clans will compete in earning Player Points. The clan with the highest amount of Player Points of the month will be rewarded with an exclusive badge for their clan.


Continuing the trend of 1 VIP per year, this year's VIP will be the Extreme VIP. It will be priced at 2,191 R$, and will increase the player's health by 10%. It will also introduce the new Heavy Armor Suit, Light Armor Suit, and Extreme Chaingun.