The Attack Helicopter is an aerial vehicle that is firepower based. It is slower than the Tracker and such and ties with the Helicopter Carrier for the slowest aerial vehicle in the game. It also has slower turning speed than the Tracker. However, it compensates with this for insane DPS or Damage, in the case of the 45mm SAPHE Cannon.As of June 30th 2017, the Attack Helicopter got its primaries replaced and also obtained some new ones.

As of August 5th, the Attack Helicopter got 3 new secondary weapons, with a 4th one in the works.

Weapon 20mm AP Machine Gun 30mm HE Machine Gun 30mm Rotary Cannon 45mm SAPHE Cannon 35mm Triple Barrel Cannon
Direct Damage 250 334 450 750 550
RoF 750 577 900 360 1200
Indirect Damage - 250-m 167-1m 834-4m 334-2m
Ammo 60 60 42 12 45
Reload 4 sec 4.5 sec
Muzzle Velocity
Weapon Dual Rocket Pods Dual Locust Cannons