An Artillery is a ground vehicle, which is good for long ranged attack against vehicle and infantry.

Area Edit

In 2-team maps, artilleries spawn in the Bases and frontline bunkers. The 3-team map shares this, but has a spawn inside the Mountain Fortress as well.

Weapon Edit

There are 5 weapons available.

HEAT Rounds (High Explosive Anti Tank): The default shell, they have decent direct and splash damage, Able to destroy vehicle with direct hit and kill soft target with their splash damage.

57mm Autocannon: An automatic gun, an in-between of the HE rounds and HEAT rounds. 57mm caliber.

AP Rounds (Armor Piercing): Armor Piercing rounds deal the most direct damage. Having the highest projectile velocity compare to another artillery upgrades. Skilled user may use this against aircraft. However, it will require direct hit to one hit infantry as it has low splash damage.

HE Rounds (High Explosive): The nastiest of the three, HE rounds are almost useless against other vehicle, but can eliminate a whole group of infantry in one shot. The splash damage and radius are much higher than other weapons.

Multi-Missile Launcher: Vehicle Achievement Reward. Rapid-fires a barrage of missiles. Good at killing everything.  

Performance Slot Edit

There are 3 upgrade available.

Standard Reload Time: The default upgrade. Use default reload speed.

-0.5 Seconds Reload Time: Reduce the reload time by 0.5 seconds. Increase the DPS

-1.0 Seconds Reload Time: Reduce the reload time by 1.0 second. Greatly increase the DPS.  

Inaccuracies Edit

Artillery, by definition, refers to guns that fire rounds larger and further than infantry weapons. The vehicle itself is referred to as a Light-Armored Vehicle (LAV), Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV), or Self-Propelled Gun (SPG), albeit with minor differences. However, the term "artillery" is still used.

The present Multi-Missile Launcher has a capacity of 18 rounds, though it fires only 16. This alludes to an earlier generation of artillery with a 16 (4x4) -missile launcher.