The Anti-Personnel Turret is a turret designed for anti-personnel use. It fires two 7.62x51mm rounds at once. It is located at the top floor of the side wings in base, and front of the 3rd level. and is generally useful for taking out spawncampers who wander outside the 3rd floor or who have just walked up from the 2nd floor. Be aware however, as the turret has limitations on its rotation. It can generally be used against aircraft, but is not recommended.

Tactics And Strategy

  • The overheat is relatively fast, and will quickly lock up the turret with extended firing. Fire in bursts, and keep an eye on that overheat.
  • It's unable to hurt Artillery, Tanks, and will not deal enough damage to Aircraft or Jeeps fast enough to kill them reasonably fast.
  • It is very very precise. Fire a two-second burst and the guy is dead.