The 30mm Armour-Piercing Rounds is a type of ammunition used by either the tracker, Speedboat, tank and jeep.

Stats and varaints

The 30mm Round is used on 2 types of weapons and on a turret.

  • 30mm Armour-Piercing Chaingun (Tank / Jeep / Speed Boat)
  • 30mm Armour-Piercing Rotary Cannon
  • Uber Turret

Damage: (Depends on what vehicle the gun with the ammunition is ued)

30mm Armour-Piercing Rotary Cannon: (For both the tracker and Attack helicopter)

Direct Damage: 200 (300 Studs)/ 100 (450 Studs)

Indirect Damage : 0

Projectile Velocity: 900 Studs/Second

Magazine size: 30

Fire Rate: 600

Pellet Per shot: 2

Reload speed: 3

30mm Armour-Piercing Chaingun:

Direct Damage for the Jeep and Speedboat's variant : 120 (300 Studs)/ 60 (450 Studs)

Direct Damage for the Tank's variant : 160 (300 Studs)/ 80 (450 Studs)

Projectile Velocity : 900 Studs/second

Magazine Size : 60

Fire Rate: 1200

Reload Speed: 2 Seconds

Pros and Cons


  • Higher damage than the 20mm Rotary Cannon, Especially against Tank and Turret.
  • Fires Faster than the 20mm Rotary Cannon
  • Good against anything at close range


  • Poor accuracy, cannot hit long range targets easily
  • Damage drop off by a lot for long range.
  • Reloads slower than the 20mm Rotary Cannon
  • The 30mm Armour-Piercing Chaingun has a delay before reaching its full RPM.
  • Low Projectile Velocity compare to 20mm guns


  • The 30mm Armour-Piercing Rotary Cannon's higher damage and fire rate (the chaingun has a delay) compared to its Chaingun Variant might be because its based on the GAU-8 Avenger, a Minigun mounted on the A10 Thunderbolt, which the tracker might be based on.
  • The poor accuracy of the weapon might be because of balancing purposes, despite this, it has good accuracy at close to medium range.
  • Oddly, the Loacust Cannons on the Vortex does not fire 30mm rounds despite its large size, most likely to not make the vortex too powerful or just by design purposes.
  • Among the Weapons that uses 30mm AP Rounds, the Uber turret among them has the worse accuracy.